Rushmore Tramway
Gift Shop and Grill

Ride up to a beautiful alpine landscape: get off on top to see impressive rock formations, waterfalls, flowers, and panoramic views. Have drinks or a bite to eat as yo take in the unique view of Mt. Rushmore from this scenic mountain top setting.






Breathe in the fragrance of the pines as you take a relaxing stroll through this beautiful Black Hills mountain-garden setting. Have a meal grilled to order or a cold beer as you relax on the deck and enjoy a view of Mt. Rushmore across the valley. Or have a cold drink or ice cream as you enjoy the pathways to take in the flowers, waterfalls, and impressive views of the Black Hills from the spectacular vantage Rushmore Tramway offers.

Sitting Benches




What better way to enjoy your Black Hills and Mt. Rushmore vacation than from the relaxing, tranquil, beautiful view from atop Rushmore Tramways garden setting. A natural setting for Family Reunions and Corporate Parties and picnics. Eat, sit, relax, walk around, enjoy the view... we have something for everyone.

Rushmore Tramway
203 Cemetery Road
Keystone, SD 57751
(Keystone Proper)

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office 605-399-1463


Late May to
Early September
9:00 am - 6:00 pm